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Due to spreading Corona virus, all shows are canceled.
Watch out for more information. Stay safe & see you soon!

Currently there are no shows announced.

Sector live @Markthalle

Today at 20:00 our live show recorded at Markthalle Hamburg will be published! It felt amazing to be on stage again... but for the feeling to become fantastic there's nothing more important than an awesome crowd partying with us in front of the stage. 

If you want and can afford please support your local clubs. 2020 is disastrous for all of them. Without clubs there will be no live music. Clubkombinat Hamburg enables you to support all your local clubs or, if you want to, your most loved special club. 

Have fun and see you soon, hopefully at a with raging energy!

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Shows cancelled - Corona Virus

Due to spreading Corona virus, shows in close future had to be canceled. For shows taking place in June or later, it is uncertain if these will be cancelled too. Watch out for more information. Stay safe & see you soon!

Digital Voodoo - OUT NOW!

DIGITAL VOODOO is available now - in store, online, and straight from us at Bandcamp!

Come to our release party this evening in Kaiserkeller Hamburg... of course we'll have the album with us!

Digital Voodoo Music Video

In Summary - SECTOR at Wacken III


Turning up the heat: Listening to our EP song In Summary You Suck you will immediately be in the right mood for the DIGITAL VOODOO album release - party with us on April 6th, Kaiserkeller Hamburg!


Ghostconcert @ Markthalle Hamburg
12.08.202020:00 UhrGhostconcert @ Markthalle Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal)
Hausen Open Air
07.09.201919:00 UhrHausen Open Air (Hausen-oes, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal)
MetalOsterMesse Harkon & Lone Gunmen & Reflexor & Sector
21.04.201919:00 UhrMetalOsterMesse Harkon & Lone Gunmen & Reflexor & Sector (Siegen, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal)
Metal Tornado
20.04.201919:00 UhrMetal Tornado (Ulm, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal), need2destroy, Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort
North & South Fusion
18.04.201919:00 UhrNorth & South Fusion (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal), need2destroy, Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort, Rustbucket Rodeo
Ost+Front support Sector, Maschinist
28.04.201819:00 UhrOst+Front support Sector, Maschinist (Zwickau, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal), Ost+Front, Maschinist
14.04.201815:00 Uhr KNIGHTFEST 2018 (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal)
Ost+Front Support Sector , Estoplyn
07.04.201819:00 UhrOst+Front Support Sector , Estoplyn (Hannover, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal), Ost+Front, Estoplyn
W:O:A Warm-Up / Sector Release Party
06.04.201819:00 UhrW:O:A Warm-Up / Sector Release Party (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Sector (Metal), Sub Dub Micromachine
Sector (Metal) @ Goldene Krone in Darmstadt, Germany
09.09.201718:00 UhrGoldene Krone (Darmstadt, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Marmowerk Haag in Treuchtlingen, Germany
08.09.201717:00 Uhr Marmowerk Haag (Treuchtlingen, Germany)
Sector @ Düte rockt
21.07.201722:00 UhrDüte rockt (Osnabrück, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Subkultur in Hanover, Germany
30.06.201720:00 UhrSubkultur (Hanover, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Cadillac in Oldenburg, Germany
18.11.201619:00 UhrCadillac (Oldenburg, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Geschwister-Scholl-Haus in Pinneberg, Germany
04.11.201618:00 Uhr Geschwister-Scholl-Haus (Pinneberg, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, Germany
30.09.201618:00 UhrKaiserkeller (Hamburg, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ W:O:A 2016 in Wacken, Germany
04.08.201612:00 UhrW:O:A 2016 (Wacken, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Burning Q Festival in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany
30.07.201615:00 UhrBurning Q Festival (Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ H.O.A. in Dingelstädt, Germany
16.07.201619:00 UhrH.O.A. (Dingelstädt, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, Germany
06.11.201519:00 UhrKaiserkeller (Hamburg, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, Germany
30.10.201520:00 UhrMS Stubnitz (Hamburg, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Open Air Seedorf in Seedorf, Germany
18.07.201521:00 UhrOpen Air Seedorf (Seedorf, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Metal Embrace Bands Battle in Barleben, Germany
17.07.201519:00 UhrMetal Embrace Bands Battle (Barleben, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ SR in Leipzig, Germany
27.06.201519:00 UhrSR (Leipzig, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Blackland in Berlin, Germany
26.06.201519:00 UhrBlackland (Berlin, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Toxic Blend Festival in Cologne, Germany
19.06.201519:00 UhrToxic Blend Festival (Cologne, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ Bambi Galore in Hamburg, Germany
22.05.201519:00 UhrBambi Galore (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Enemy I, shape my clarity, The Beautiful Masquerade, Miles Keep Rolling
Sector (Metal) @ EJ Shalom in Gera, Germany
16.05.201519:00 UhrEJ Shalom (Gera, Germany)
Line-up: Enemy I, Hot Mama
Sector (Metal) @ Tivoli in Freiberg, Germany
15.05.201519:00 UhrTivoli (Freiberg, Germany)
Line-up: Hot Mama
Sector (Metal) @ Freakangel (Support) in Hamburg, Germany
03.05.201519:00 UhrFreakangel (Support) (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Freakangel
Sector (Metal) @ Kaiserkeller in Hamburg, Germany
02.04.201518:30 UhrKaiserkeller (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Herren, Taste of Greed
Sector (Metal) @ Toxic Blend Festival in Koln, Germany
06.03.201519:00 UhrToxic Blend Festival (Koln, Germany)
Sector (Metal) @ MarX in Hamburg, Germany
07.02.201519:00 UhrMarX (Hamburg, Germany)
Line-up: Johnny Deathshadow, Act of Anger, Taina
MarX (Broken Wrist Battlegrounds)
11.07.201420:00 UhrMarX (Hamburg, Germany)
Markthalle (Emergenza)
31.05.201419:00 UhrMarkthalle (Hamburg, Germany)
Knust (Emergenza)
24.04.201419:30 UhrKnust (Hamburg, Germany)
Logo (Emergenza)
14.02.201420:00 UhrLogo (Hamburg, Germany)