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Wacken insanity

We're still having a hard time realizing it really happened - we played in Wacken four days in a row and in front of more people than we could count.

Thanks to the Wasteland Stage team - Lizzy, Marc and Emil - you're a great team and we had so much fun with you guys!

Thanks to Malte, Matze and Jan for filming everything and making sure we don't sound terrible!

Thanks to Sarah, Nadine, Mathis, Whitney and Jules for helping us out everywhere and stopping us from doing stupid things!

Thanks to Sabrina and Daniel - for making all this possible.

And thanks to Dirk Schmid who shot this cool photo!

Sector playing at Wasteland Stage, Wacken Open Air 2016

Wacken Running Order

You'll be able to watch us play in Wacken every day from Wednesday til Saturday! Come see us play at Wasteland Stage on:

  • Wednesday at 19:30
  • Thursday at 15:00
  • Friday at 23:30
  • Saturday at 20:30

Wacken Open Air 2016

Wer fleißig die News zum W:O:A 2016 verfolgt und den Adventskalender öffnet, hat es vielleicht schon mitbekommen:

Im August spielen wir auf dem Wacken Open Air! Hinter dem 17. Türchen versteckte sich Death und Industrial Metal von Vader, Immolation, Sub Dub Micro Machine und uns. Sobald wir mehr zu unserem Auftritt auf dem Holy Wacken Land haben, werden wir Euch informieren. Und so bleibt uns nur noch zu sagen: See you in Wacken - Rain or Shine!

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